About The Founders

Kia Ora, We’re The Founders

We are Wayne and Maureen Startup, co-founders and owners of The Founders. We’ve been producing top quality olive oil and distributing it throughout New Zealand and around the globe for more than a quarter of a century.

We’ve been instrumental in all aspects of New Zealand’s olive oil industry. Some call us pioneers but we just call ourselves proud purveyors of arguably the finest cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in the world.


The Finest New Zealand Made Culinary Oils

At the core of our range are four great tasting, nutritionally dense and super healthy cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils from the Barnea, Frantoio, Manzanillo and Picual olive varieties.

These extra virgin oils are complemented by four flavour infused oils: Garlic, Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary and Truffle. We also produce avocado oil and a balsamic vinegar.

All our products come in 250ml glass bottles and our extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil also come in 1L spouted-pouches.


We’re An Innovative & Disruptive Startup

From choosing olive growers and their groves to how our oils are pressed and bottled, our innovative approach to packaging, and the channels we forge to get our products to market, we bring a fresh vision and new ways of thinking to all aspects of our business.


Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Only the best olives that will produce the richest oils are harvested, pressed and bottled from groves governed by environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, which are grown and managed by some of New Zealand’s best growers.


Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olives we harvest to make our extra virgin olive oils are kept under 28°C from picking through to bottling. This process is called cold pressing and is necessary to encapsulate and retain the high levels of nutrition our olive oils are renowned for.


The Founders – Quality New Zealand Oils

In a nutshell, we know what it takes to get great tasting, nutritionally dense, 100% healthy olive oil from grove to bottle and into your kitchen. To find out where to buy our oils please visit our NZ Stockists or Global Sellers pages.

"We're proud purveyors of arguably the finest cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in the world."

Wayne Startup, Co-Founder / Owner

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